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Help end the suffering of homeless pets.

Spay Colorado was started in 2008. Since then, we have subsidized the cost of over 21,000 spays and neuters for cats and pit bulls/pit mixes. The organization was founded by Wendy Haugen, inspired by her 25 years working on the front lines of open admission animal shelters and seeing first hand the horrors of pet overpopulation. 

We target our funding towards pet owners in low income communities with high shelter euthanasia rates and few low cost spay/neuter options. We serve the Western Slope, the San Luis Valley, north central Colorado and El Paso county. We partner with private veterinary clinics and provide subsidies based on your ability to pay. We make it easy to get your pet fixed for an affordable price.  

Why not other breeds of dog?

The largest population of dogs surrendered and euthanized in shelters are pit bulls and pit bull mixes. Spay Colorado does not solicit grants or donations so we use our limited funds to focus on the types of animals most commonly euthanized in shelters.

Due to our limited funding we can’t provide regular assistance to rescues or shelters.

We fund feral cat surgeries on a case by case basis. Please fill out our contact form and include the approximate number of cats and your ability to trap and take them to the vet.

We want to hear from you.

Please call us at 877-654-SPAY or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Know of a vet in an area we don’t serve who would like extra business and free marketing? If so, please send them our way.

No Spay Colorado programs in your area? Check out our online directory for other low cost options.

Together we can help end the suffering and euthanasia of homeless pets.